KHADI WRAP -- 120x180 cm


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Raspberry wine

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  • Strong symbol of the independency Indian fight, Khadi reminds the period of Mahatma Gandhi (movement created in 1920) which encouraged the Indian population to have a local production, in opposition to industrial products imported by English colonists.
    The selected workshops are spread in a village, located in North of Calcutta in the occidental Bengal where each family has a weaving loom. Our House has chosen to associate the best quality of Khadi cotton (300 wires) to the delicate silk, both woven and spun by hand. The Khadi’s stoles exist in multiple shining colours, inspired by “Lungis”, traditional clothes worn by the weavers of this village.
  • Reference 000685
    Modèle BENGALE
    Material COTTON MUSLIN
    Thème INDE
    Weight 0.11 Kg
    Size 120X180

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