Table lamps

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  • A collection of table lamps handmade by craftsmen in China.
    Biscuit porcelain is made using the technique of slip: the liquid kaolin is poured into a mold that the craftsman sinks of excess material. Porcelain against the wall, once solidified, is demolded. The material is removed using an embosser to form the gradient dots
    The lamp thus formed is cooked in a suitable oven until the material stabilizes

    LED bulbs (E14 with 25 Watts screw) are not included

    Upkeep: clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth
  • Reference 002685
    Famille LUMINAIRES
    Modèle JASMINE
    Material 100% PORCELAINE
    Thème CHINE
    Sous Famille LAMPES DE TABLE
    Weight 0.85 Kg
    Size D15.5 H24

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