CASHMERE STOLE -- 70 x 200 cm


203,00 €


290,00 €


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  • A collection of diverse stoles : 2 designs, 2 colors. 100% Cashmere pieces that are from Mongolia or Nepal
    Weaved stoles on manual looms which impart the product with softness and lightness

    Upkeep : handwash possible, cold cycle, delicate cycle in a cover without softener. Dryer forbidden. Dry in a towel, stretch flat.
  • Reference 002390
    Famille ETOLES
    Modèle MAHA
    Material 100% CACHEMIRE
    Thème INDE
    Sous Famille SHAWLS
    Rayon SOLDES
    Weight 0.30 Kg
    Size 70X200

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