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Ref: 002391-BLEU CANARD

Material: CASHMERE 100%

Size:  70X200

Weight: 62g

Origin: INDIA

Anamola means precious in Nepalese
A collection of exceptional stoles « 100% Baby Cashmere », a well-known cashmere for being the softest and thinner in the world
A cashmere fiber extremely rare and precious obtained in a very limited quantity after combing the baby goat aged of less than a year
A fiber approximately 7 times thinner than a hair, valued for its softness and extreme delicacy : 13 microns against 14.5 for the thinnest of traditional cashmere
A colored palette available in 5 colors
Upkeep : handwash possible, cold cycle, delicate cycle in a cover without softener. Dryer forbidden. Dry in a towel, stretch flat.
Did you know ? The cashmere enhances after several washing which allow it to keep its softness and flexibility

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