Bestiaire Or Cfoc

47x38 cm

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Ref: 002470

Material: Linen

Size:  38X47

Weight: 800g

Origin: Vietnam

A napkin and place mat collection inspired by the emblematic Chinese astrology bestiary restyled by the CFOC in a golden version, festive and sparkling
3 thread colors, a gradation of cooper, silver and golden notes meticulously chosen for a sophisticated graphism
For ou Maison's bestiary, each animal has its symbolic:
- Frog : nobility
- Seahorse : sharing
- Turtle : longevity
- Butterfly : love
- Dragonfly : wisdom
- Cricket : balance between good and evil
Table linen made from a whitened linen with a colored and colorfast embroidery finish 100% cotton that enlightens its edge.
The patterns have a remarkable precision as they were made by Vietnamese embroiderer, selected for their great expertise in hand-made techniques of embroiderey.
Upkeep : cotton colorfast embroidery which is resistant to high temperature wash and to chlorine.

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