WALNUT AND LACQUERED DESK -- 120 x 53 x h75 cm


64X60 EP7

690,00 €

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  • These decorative mirrors are the product of unique know-how and innovative techniques.
    Made from a series of oak layers, the frame is sculpted using a computer-controlled machine
    Having been meticulously sanded, the oak frame is , varnished to give it that walnut shade.
    Mixed materials: the lacquer covering the inside of the mirror is very smooth, contrasting with the wood's grain. The mirror is , floated in the frame, a process that requires real technical skill
    How to clean: clean the lacquer with a dry or damp cloth. To maintain the wood’s shine, polish it with beeswax using a soft cloth. Put the wax on the cloth rather than applying it directly to the wood.
    A scale paper template is provided to make it easier to hang the mirror
  • Reference003010
    Material100% ERABLE
    Sous FamilleMIROIRS
    Weight10.00 Kg
    Size64X60 EP7

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