Set Of 4 Engraved Glasses

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Ref: 002387

Material: GLASS

Size:  D8 H9

Weight: 1.1005kg

Chrysanthemum : unavoidable flower in Asia, symbol of longevity in China, well-known for its medecinal properties and emblem of the Maison.
Engraved glasses with a relief touch, made in a Chinese workshop specialized in high quality glas since 1998.
A mouth blown glass in a double walled mold (exterior wall tinted in the mass, opaque black or white, inside wall sandy and an engraving made by sand projection on a stencil.
Well-down contrast games between opacity and transparency of the material.
To match with the Tonka set for a sophisticated decoration
For yourself or to offer : available individually or in a set of 4 pieces for a refined and elegant present
Upkeep : Dishwasher cleaning possible

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