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15 / 03 / 2018


A tribute to Nature

Synonymous with dreams, serenity and oblivion, few of many words that are reminded by the poppy, a symbolic flower which inspires the CFOC for its collections. Its wrinkled petals whirling in the wind, its dress tinted of orange and red notes, its plump and striped fruit... The ephemeral beauty of a delicate and wild flower.

For your decor, fall in love with the ergonomic curves of the Kani seat, signed by Toshio Yano, recalling the surrounding lines of a bud.

Enhance it with the Borneo new collection of home linen, a range of plaids and pillows weaved in a matte raw silk and existing in multiple timeless or seasonal colours, matching with the Samarcande home linen collection.

The Gilles Caffier coffee tables, real marble masterpieces, are here decorated with the Pavot service. The colourful porcelain hand-engraved cups exist in various colours and bring a fresh touch to your infusions, lemonades or smoothies tasting. Accompany them with our iconic lacquered wood trays well known for their unrivalled shine.

Finally, present your bouquet of flowers in a vase designed with a mineral or vegetal inspiration: the Eclat vase collection, existing in a rich palette of colours or the Lapis-Lazuli collection unveiling red, blue and amber notes. The engraving of the mouth-blown glass is hand-made and reveals a surprising game of colours and textures.

01 / 12 / 2017


Porcelain delicacy and gracefulness

Succumb to the extreme whiteness of our exceptional Tsarine porcelain set embellished by an authentic obi, the traditional kimono belt, cleverly twisted as table runner by our Maison. A refined and sophisticated decoration.

The brightness of this collection is highlighted by our iconic Signature lacquered placemats crafted in a Vietnamese family workshop while the light dances and is gracefully reflected in our Silver silvered-glass vases and candlesticks.

Bring delicateness and transparency by adding our Impératrice mouth blown glasses whose the ethereal fineness is inspired by tulips corollas.



Journey in the heart of Asia

Ancestral know-how coming from Asia, Far East inspirations :

Combining the natural dark wood of the Indonesian table, to the silver, red and black shades of our iconic collections, this table invites you to travel in the heart of India.

Signature Feuille d'Or lacquer trays from Vietnam, graphic Ombrelle plates created in China, Silver vases with mercury effects mouthblown in an Indian workshop, traditional Japanese Obi declined in table runner?

Shining and refined, this warm table decoration is perfect to enjoy a fancy and pleasant moment, with friends or family.



Dare colors and contrasts

Decoration tips to set a beautiful table with the perfect simplicity:

You can slightly overlay two exclusive and piano finishes bright lacquer Signature placemats. Here it is about mixing exclusive colors of the House,vermillon color and burnt red color. On those Signature placemats put your Ombrelle set of plates of which slim streaks ?inspiration came from traditional Burmese solar structures. The amazing white will then bring to light the beauty of the table.

Then you can add the mouth blown Spirales glasses which will be the red point of order of your table. You can also add to your glasswares long wine glasses from the Impératrice collection.

Finally, if you have a walnut tree table, like the Totem table, pick the Céline Wright airy and poetic Ying luminaires.



The House emblematic lacquers are now available in range of furnitures

The bright lacquers from the Signature collection are now available in range of furnitures for a sophisticated look. Inspired by refined profiles from the 50s and functional design those flexible lacquered wood piano finishing tables forever plays with the 4 iconic House colors. End tables, console tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, design side tables, single or coupled, those nest tables are matching together according your desire.

Did you know? Made in a Chinese workshop specialized in wood-work and lacquer-work. Each table requires sandpapering under water until getting this outstanding and sleek finished look.

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