Anne de Vandière


Since 2009, Anne de Vandière has travelled the five continents to meet many ethnic groups and has captured their delicate black and white portraits. At the centre of his work: gestures, the first tools of communication and transmission. Curiosity, respect and the will to exchange with these peoples are at the heart of his artistic approach

For each trip, Anne de Vandière does a long preparatory research work and surrounds herself with scientists or specialists - geologists, ethnologists, sociologists, biologists, art critics, etc. - in order to find the best solution. - that give him the sesame to make contact with the tribes. Immersed in the life of the villages, Anne de Vandière gathers the words of their inhabitants on their beliefs and their philosophy of life before taking black and white portraits. Each portrait is a triptych: a face, hands, words. His work thus provides a unique and intimate testimony to peoples ignored, marginalized and weakened by governments and globalization. It is above all Anne de Vandière's focus on gesture and material, on the know-how and skill of craft techniques that caught the attention of the CFOC, creating a real link with its activities and orientation.

Anne de Vandière

Anne de Vandière is a photographer whose humanist and intimate work is articulated around recurrent themes, notably that of the hand, which she deepens from project to project. His sensitive and powerful universe is expressed in a silvery black and white halfway between artistic photography and reporting. She has exhibited for over 10 years in numerous places and institutions in France and abroad and in 2009 received the ABN Amro Neuflize Life Foundation Prize for contemporary photography. Après Anne de Vandière was a journalist/reporter in the 1980-90s. In 1996, she created the magazine Est/Ouest Avenue with Olivier Durand, whose urban theme revolves around fashion, design, architecture, cinema and contemporary art. In 1999, she exchanged classical interviews for photographs of personalities through their hands, marking the beginning of her interest in a field that she has been exploring for almost 20 years. In 2002 Hermès asked her to illustrate her theme of the year, la main ; she also published two books, H/AND (Paris Musées, 2004) and H/AND series 2 (Nicolas Chaudun, 2008). In 2016, she exhibits at the Musée de l'Homme as part of the "Empreintes : l'humanité a rendez-vous au Musée de l'Homme" season.».


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