Artisanal lacquer


 It was in Vietnam, a few miles from Hanoi, on the banks of the Red river, that the CFOC met highly-qualified craftsmen who have always produced its Signature Collection of lacquerware.

Sourced from the lacquer tree, the first stage involves decanting the raw sap. The wood is intricately crafted and sanded and then several natural sap primers are applied using a fabric mesh to obtain a solid and sticky surface. The lacquer is stained using a process in which colour pigments are skilfully dosed by the artisan to reproduce the CFOC’s exclusive colours. The coloured lacquer is then affixed, layer by layer by hand, or sprayed. Each layer is sanded and polished by hand under water for a smooth and glossy finish.

Close attention to the drying time and conditions (two to three months depending on the season) makes this traditional craft a demanding and intricate art.


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