A drop of molten glass and a puff of breath are all it takes for our magical artisan glassblowers to create glasses, bowls and other translucent objects that are each flawless and uniquely shaped..

Blown Glass

An Ancestral Art

Originating 2,200 years ago in the cities of Phoenicia (modern-day Lebanon), glass-blowing techniques are part of a tradition that continues to this day, mainly in certain regions of China and India.
Working in conditions of extreme heat, glassblowers take the gob of glass, a precisely-measured blob of molten glass free of all impurities, and give it shape and meaning. The deft touch of the craftspeople, their precise motions and the intensity of the air they blow transform the ruddy ball of glass into an object that harmoniously combines form and function.

Our blown glass collections: vases, bud vases, glasses, bowls, candle holders, spoons and table accessories