The universal and age-old art of woodworking permeates our collections in the form of tables, chairs and furniture with pared-back lines carefully crafted out of precious woods, walnut, monkeypod, and even petrified wood.

Precious Wood from Java and Sumatra
Furniture and rare pieces

It is in Indonesia, on the islands of Java and Sumatra, that we produce these unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are designed to showcase the materials used to create them: suar wood, lychee wood and petrified wood. We choose each piece of wood according selective criteria so that we can create the most exceptional furniture and decorative items.

Suar Wood

Our solid wood table tops are cut directly from tree trunks. They are then dried for over two months in specialised ovens to achieve the optimal moisture levels needed for the stability of the wood. They are then sanded until they are level and varnished. Our criteria for each piece include the size (length and width), colour, grain and imperfections that make each piece a true work of art. One-of-a-kind.

Lychee Wood

These solid wood table tops are cut directly from tree trunks, dried for over two months (a process known as through drying) and cut to preserve their original form. We offer two finishes: natural or hand-charred with a blowtorch to a deep, smoky black. Each item has its own unique shape, for truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Petrified Wood;

Petrified wood, which is between five and 20 million years old, is found in the volcanic areas of Java. The island was once the scene of numerous volcanic eruptions, burying entire forests beneath layers of ash. The interactions between the silica in the cinders, water and the wood itself resulted in a sedimentation process that petrified the wood over time. In spite of its fossilisation, the wood preserves all of its characteristics, from its shape to its grain. Once extracted, the petrified wood is cut and polished.

Our petrified wood collections: tables, console tables, end tables, totems, candle holders and bowls