Our artisan weavers use age-old techniques to make fabrics with unparalleled finesse and character, with quality that can be seen at a glance or felt with a touch. This demanding work requires patience and techniques that must be repeated until the fabrics appear on the loom as if by magic

Weaving - Unrivalled Dexterity
Exceptional Handwoven Pieces

To produce our textiles, we seek out the specialised weaving techniques and expertise required to make our collections complete. We then set out to find the most skilled craftspeople carrying on these techniques; they are often in the small family workshops found in certain provinces in Asia.

That is how we found ourselves in Mongolia, where we source our exceptionally high-quality handwoven cashmere. Or in Da Nang, where we discovered the naturally crinkled silk that is typical of this region of Vietnam, boasting unrivalled softness and comfort.

We continued our journey into Uzbekistan for our ikat collections. This is incredible dyeing and weaving technique has been passed down from mother to daughter in an oral tradition for untold generations. The threads are bound in a pattern, hand-dyed using the resist method, then woven by hand.

We also stopped over in India in search of khadi, an Indian cotton that is spun and woven by hand. This material is often associated with Gandhi, who encouraged the people of India to wear clothing made from khadi, giving this fabric a sentimental value that makes this natural material even more precious. Indian cotton is made from the plant fibres that surround the seeds of the cotton plant. This fibre is transformed into thread, which is then woven into fabric.

We source our 300-thread count cotton satin from specialised weaving workshops in China. The combed fibres of long-staple cotton make our collections exceptionally soft and long-lasting. They are embellished with hand-embroidered decorations produced using a special technique employed by village women in the Hao-Binh province of Vietnam.

Our textile collections: cushions, bedspreads, quilts, bed linens, table linens and kimonos