Whole villages are involved inmeticulously crafting objects and furniture for the CFOC. Time, patience and care are transformed into glossy surfaces and bright colours.

Artisanal Lacquer
Journey to Vietnam, to discover the birthplace of an art form

It was not by chance that we travelled to the Hanoi region to meet craftspeople who specialise in lacquerware. This natural, plant-based material extracted from the lacquer tree originated in Vietnam. Thus, it is only natural that this region of the world is the birthplace of this art form. It continues to this day in family-run workshops that produce work of the highest quality. Quality guaranteed..

After being harvested from the lacquer tree, the sap is decanted and mixed with Hanoi clay to create a dark, putty-like paste. Several layers of this material are applied to the wooden items until a strong, adhesive coating is formed. Next comes the work of colouring the lacquer with a non-toxic spray that is built up in layers, each buffed and polished by hand under running water to produce a smooth, glossy finish. The items are then dried in a room heated to 40°C.

Our blown glass collections: vases, bud vases, glasses, bowls, candle holders, spoons and table accessories