Made of porcelain, including boe china, stoneware and bisque, our objects are crafted and decorated by hand before undergoing a special firing process, enhancing your table dressing with their originality and delicacy .

Artisanal Ceramics

Properties of the clay, shaping and firing

We take great care in selecting the clay that will be used to produce our ceramic collections. Each type has its own unique qualities and characteristics. The exceptional properties of Yixing clay from China make it possible for the planters and flower pots we produce on site to withstand significant temperature variations, making them resistant to both frost and extreme heat.
This Yixing clay, specifically the red variety, is the material used to create our eponymous set of dishes. The unique colour is achieved through firing and the very finest glazing techniques.We also travelled to Cambodia, whose artisans are renowned for their reproductions of ancient Khmer glazes that were used at the time of the Angkor temples. Each piece is crafted by hand in a small workshop. For this special pottery technique, craftspeople use a cloth to mark the ceramic; the pattern remains visible after the piece is fired. One-of-a-kind pieces.;

Our ceramics collections, produced using variable firing temperatures, include porcelain, bone china and new bone china, stoneware and bisque items.