Our Commitments

At CFOC, we have always believed that a company must stand for something and speak up for what it believes in. This means that we are committed both to the well-being of all our members and the well-being of the ecosystem and environment we co-exist in, where we co-produce hand-made goods designed using natural materials. Through our commitments, we wish to bring meaning to the items you enjoy by creating them with a value that comes, above all, from a spirit of sharing and communication between different cultures and heritages.

Caring for People

While the current economic system demands fast production turnarounds, at CFOC we give everyone enough time to do their work so that we can maintain our excellent quality standards and respect the crafts practised by the people who work with us.

This is why we always try to understand the philosophy of a workshop and their working methods before partnering with them. Smiles on the craftspeople's faces are a good sign. We make sure that they are happy with their work and that they are treated with respect as people first and employees second.
Good working conditions that meet our standards include good lighting, air quality and comfortable temperatures in the workshop, as well as the time spent by our craftspeople practising their craft.


Fair Pricing

Respecting the work performed by our craftspeople means offering fair compensation for their designs, taking into account the real cost of the product. Pricing includes the raw materials, but also design time, history, heritage, and manual labour.
To showcase our craftspeople's expertise and create pieces you are sure to love, we have selected the finest materials, including sap from Vietnamese lacquer trees and wood from Indonesian suar and lychee trees for our wooden furniture and Yixing clay for our ceramics.
Fair pricing is also about creating lasting partnerships between producers and merchants with predictable ordering that helps producers plan for the future with confidence as they improve their skills, grow their business, and create a positive social impact.
Finally, fair pricing means producing timeless pieces by continuing to invest in the quality and durability of our products. A CFOC piece will acquire a lovely patina over the course of its many lives!

Caring for the Environment

At CFOC, we view the earth as the place where our story begins, not as a product. Nearly all of our designs come from nature, as we constantly strive to ensure that our pieces are produced in accordance with ethical and environmental standards.
To guarantee that our actions have a positive environmental impact, we work each and every day to reduce the waste resulting from our production processes to as close to zero as possible. For instance, we have switched to recyclable and reusable cotton bags for products sold in our stores.
We also try to recycle most of our production waste, which can go on to be used in other ways.