BOWL D16 -- porcelain


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  • Oryza : little plant that comes from South Asia and China, including varieties of cultivated and wild rice
    A collection of porcelaine bowls said "rice seed" reminding us of the same named handmade technique.
    A linear pattern, made by holes with a stencil and covered with a transparent glazing for a "trompe l'oeil" style. 3 sizes exist in order to match the bowls between them and to diversify the uses
    Upkeep : dishwasher cleaning possible

    CFOC Exclusivity
  • Reference 002431
    Famille TABLE WARE
    Modèle ORYZA
    Material PORCELAIN
    Sous Famille BOWLS
    Weight 0.88 Kg
    Size D16 H9.7

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