Washi Chabako

d7,7 x h15,5 cm

25,00 €

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Ref: 001327

Material: Washi Paper And White Iron

Size:  D7.7 H17.6

Weight: 124g

Origin: Japan

Between tradition and modernity, the Washi Chabako tea boxes collection (chabako means tea box in Japanese) is decorated by ancestral Japanese patterns which are commonly found on kimonos, textiles and engravings.
As a heritage of Japanese crafts, the washi paper is created thanks to an ancestral know-how for more than 1000 years. Washi Chabako boxes are made in a Japanese workshop that uses the Yuzen Washi paper, created by a fan designer, Yuzensai Miyazaki, in Kyoto during the 17th century. The cut and the gluing of the paper are entirely handmade, as well as the patterns printing on the paper.
Double-lid fitted and edible varnish featured, the Washi Chabako box is completely hermetic. It protects the tea from the light, humidity and extraneous smells while preserving all its aromas.

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